e•thosLA is a full service creative agency, providing a streamlined process for your next project from creation to marketing. We are a collection of artists dedicated to creating the best quality content for digital & commercial applications, and implementing strategy to most effectively connect your product with the consumer. 


Digital Marketing & PR


Our goal is to capture your vision... 

First, we want to know what you want to do. Curate content for an upcoming product release? Drive e-comm? Increase online exposure? We want to understand your objectives, establish a target demographic, and provide you with an overview of the stratgey that will most effectively achieve your goals.


You know where you're headed, now how do you get there?...

It is our task to create or curate all of the necessary components for your promotion. Any of the aforementioned services we provide through e•thosLA are within your reach, but even if you have a particular director, photographer, publicist or any other creative in mind, we are here to ensure a scheduled, cohesive flow, and consistency of content during a promotion. Regardless of whether it's a photo, a video, new merchandise or a piece of advertising material, we will make sure that it represents YOU.


Oversight and Promotion...

We make sure to oversee the execution of all plans set in motion. From the content creation itself, to the proper hashtags on social networks, we will be there to monitor and ensure the correct steps are taken.

After your marketing material is live, we focus on promoting your channels via direct communication with your target demographic, calculate the most effective use of paid advertisement, secure digital press opportunities, and strategically partner with influencers and other online tastemakers to maximize the visibility of your promotion.


Our work doesn't end there...

We will look at the analytics of our efforts throughout the promotional cycle and provide you with feedback to plan for future promotions, recommendations for how to proceed, and a summary of our efforts.

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